Marvel boss on Robert Downey Jr Iron Man return after Avengers 6 rumours | Films | Entertainment

It’s been four years since Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man died in the final battle of Avengers Endgame.

Tony Stark willingly sacrificed his own life by harnessing the power of the Infinity Stones and turning Thanos and his forces to dust.

Since then fans have been wondering if he’ll ever return to the MCU given that Marvel is a world of time travel and multiverses.

The star himself has admitted he’d need a very good reason to ever return and there have even been rumours he’s back for Avengers Secret Wars.

The 2027 next Endgame-level event for the MCU is expected to be a multiverse Avengers movie with the likes of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine and Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man teaming up.

Notice Feige only said that they wouldn’t undo Tony Stark’s death. That doesn’t mean that Downey Jr will never return as Iron Man, just not as the Earth-616 Iron Man who died in Endgame.

What will probably happen instead is Downey Jr will play a Stark variant from another universe in Avengers Secret Wars.

This would be in the same vein as how Jackman has promised not to undo Wolverine’s death in Logan, meaning the one he’s playing in Deadpool 3 must be a variant.

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